Travel arrangement may seem an easy task, but the execution is indeed very complex. Whether online or offline, unless there is a professionally trained and equipped service provider behind the curtain, monitoring and fulfilling every aspect, even the simplest of travel can end up in a disappointment.

When travelling for business or pleasure, there are a lot of factors one has to worry about. Why let the stress of travel planning and management get in the way? Whether it’s for lower prices, stress-free travel or a great customer service experience or after sales service, it just makes more sense to book via a professional travel management company.

How does a Travel Management Company benefit their clients?


Time that is required to be spent for business purposes or loved ones may be affected if one takes up the task of planning their trip. Whether you are a frequent traveller or do just a trip a year, engaging a Travel Management Company can save you hours of research, comparison, shopping and planning time.


There could be many situations that affect one’s travel plans, such as flight cancellations, unexpected disasters that prevent flights to the planned destinations etc. In such emergencies, a travel professional is the only lifesaver. They choose the best alternatives while you can stay stress free


A company well established and rooted like ITL World, with close ties with Airlines and Hospitality providers worldwide, are able to secure better deals and special offers for your travel, giving good value for every dollar spent on Travel.


A full-fledged Travel Management Company, in addition to organizing travel, also offers management and tracking of Travel Expenses helping you manage the company’s travel spend effectively.