As part of the Eram Group, ITL World has embarked on various CSR initiatives around the globe. To view a detailed account on various CSR activities, click here .

A vision to improve lives

In association with Lions Club International, over 30 medical camps were deployed which has seen over 4000 cataract surgeries in 4 years. In addition to assist those in immediate medical need, ambulances were sponsored to many NGO’s.

Health and Sanitation: Solutions for the present & future

To mitigate the alarming number of various diseases including kidney diseases which was the result of poor public sanitation, the dialysis project was started, under which dialysis machines and medical aid were provided for the benefit of numerous patients who suffer from severe kidney diseases.

In addition the award winning eToilet product was developed. This self-sustaining, self-cleaning innovation has already been installed in many public spaces & marks a massive milestone in achieving the vision of one day eradicating poor sanitation across the world.

Homes for the homeless

Over 50 houses constructed to shelter homeless families. Owing to the rising need another 25 are currently being constructed.