The World is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.

Travel and educational trips enriches the minds of young students on their knowledge of places and works of art they have learned in the classrooms. To facilitate in amplifying a 360°assimilation of information in young minds along with their academic curriculum, we have created a unique educational travel experience for young travelers with the inception of EduVoyage (An ITL World Company).

EduVoyage prides in not just generating smiles but also instilling a sense of wonder through a journey and experience into reality in young minds each term, embarking on a new dimension of learning.

We understand the intricacies incurred during the planning of educational trips and also the need for having innovative school trip ideas for an ever-evolving young minds. At EduVoyage, we work closely with educational institutions to create unique study tours for students, school trips abroad to engage in a deeper understanding of history and culture.

Why EduVoyage should be your educational school trip planner?

  • We create educational trips for students to gain a deeper understanding of the various history, art and culture of a nation.
  • We also engage students to interact on the various languages they have studied with native speakers during the overseas school trips.
  • EduVoyage creates educational trip for children that builds their independence and confidence as they explore new places and understand local customs. It enables children to embrace their own culture and have a global perspective.


What can EduVoyage do for your educational school trip?

  • Our team creates specific study tours for students that cater to subjects like History, Science, Art & Design, Drama & Music and much more.
  • We also plan and arrange educational trips to Europe, offering a wide range of skill based and linguistic course trips.
  • Sourcing and designing tailored programs
  • Cost control management
  • Destination Management
  • Hotel selection
  • Group Insurance


What are the benefits of having EduVoyage plan your educational field trip?

  • Escort of ITL World team member
  • Ratio of teachers to escort
  • Education ministry requirements compliances
  • Safety and security are ensured for the students and tutors who are traveling for the program
  • Planning specific dietary requirements for the students
  • Use of well reputed partners
  • Technology injection – travel app


Like every successful and rapidly growing organization, innovation and passion is at the heart of EduVoyage. It is hence no wonder that EduVoyage continues to witness little hearts return from their eduvoyage with big minds.
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