Technology & Security

Catering world class products and services to a multifaceted time sensitive portfolio of Clientele, ITL World constantly updates, invests & implements innovative world class technology solutions. ITL World deploys state of the art, in-house developed travel and tour operating technologies as well as the industry’s leading Global Distribution Systems to facilitate an enhanced 360 Client experience.

Booking Tools encompassing B2B (Business to Business), B2E (Business to Enterprise) & B2C (Business to Consumer) continue to be developed and are being consistently enhanced by our dedicated in-house software and hardware teams. At ITL World, securing client information is of paramount significance and hence our in-house teams constantly integrate new processes to combat potential risks & gear with the highest security standards to maintain a trustworthy and secure digital environment.

Technology partners are cherry picked after closely scrutinizing based on several parameters ensuring the best of standard are always sustained.